Zumba Instructor Course UK – Scared I’ll be the only fatty!!!

I can’t believe it, on Saturday 28th January 2017,  I was officially certified as a “Zumba Instructor”, whoop, whoop!!!

Zumba Training Instructor Caroline Parsons
Me after Teaching a 1 hour Zumba Class in August 2017

It’s taken me until now (August) to  publish this post! I can’t believe I was actually feeling embarrassed to even post this blog, because self-doubt was right there telling me I’m not good enough, I’m too overweight, how can I possibly teach, I’m not super-fit like all those other fitness instructors etc, but for some reason I still signed up and paid £260 hard cash to complete the one day course!

To be honest, I’ve been dancing my whole life, I truly love to dance and would love to help others on their journey whatever the reason they want to dance, I couldn’t afford the £800 odd quid it costs to do the Exercise to Music Course, so I figured I would do this as a stepping stone, at least I am still be going in the right direction (I still plan to do my ETM before the end of this year). My favourite style of dance is definitely “street dance”  and dancehall but I love lots of other dance styles including ZUMBA.

On training day, I didn’t feel all that nervous about walking into the room but I did do a quick scan for anyone else who may be my size or bigger, there was only one other lady who looked about a size 18, so yes I was officially the biggest person in the room, everyone else was on average size uk 8 to uk 12! I expected this really and told my self over and over how amazing I was as a person and that I had been blessed as a natural dancer so I had nothing to worry about.

The day started with a full 1 hour Zumba class which was really fun, I was knackered but I kept up and got all the moves, there were people in that room with 2 left feet and I slowly realised I was spending far too much time focusing on how I looked and comparing myself to others rather than just doing me!

After the class, the Zumba instructor broke down all the basic moves of Zumba and how we could build routines, we then sat down in a classroom style scenario and worked through the Zumba manual focusing on the practical elements of the course, followed by more dancing, how to actually teach a class, some partnering work followed by Q&A at the end.

I feel really proud of myself for doing the course, it took me a good year so be confident enough just to sign up, then I spent 2-3 months working on building all the routines to teach a full hour class….LORD THIS WAS NOT AN EASY TASK!!!! Thankfully, I know quite a few dancers and people in the fitness industry so over the course of 2-3 months I began teaching a few routines at friends classes to build more confidence aswell as my stamina cos it’s not easy teaching – its exhausting but I love it!

In March an opportunity came up for me to take over a local Zumba class and I was absolutely petrified to say yes, self doubt kept saying NOOOOOOO Sam, there is no was you can do it but I just said yes anyway! I thought I was gonna pass out at my first class because I was so scared and I still get nervous now, 5 months later, I’m still teaching every Monday and I absolutely love it!

If you are thinking about teaching or doing the Zumba course, I’d say just go for it, feel the fear and do it anyway, things are never as terrifying as we think in our minds!

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Primark Summer Swimwear 2017 – Yes, plus size women CAN wear a bikini!

I really wanted to do a blog on plus size swimwear that’s affordable and looks good, there a few shops that have got this covered but right now my top shop is Primark aka “Primani”.There are some seriously hot bargains to be had in there right now, in fact I was in there today and they have bikinis that I bought full price one month ago reduced to just £1 per piece, yes that’s right people, £2 for a full bikini!

I’m so excited because years ago I wold never EVER dream of wearing this type of swimwear full stop let alone sharing the photographic evidence on social media! So what’s changed???

Over the last few years, I’ve really grown to love me and be more confident (another blog on building confidence to follow soon) and believe me its not always easy, I still have days where I feel like crap but that’s normal, for the most part, I feel quite happy in my skin. I feel truly blessed to be able to share how I feel with you guys because I wish I had read more about positive blogs and books etc over the last 20 years……ok I’m waffling now, so lets get back to this swimwear…….Primark generally have a size range of UK 6 to UK 20, I vary from size UK 16 – UK 20 in this particular store. The shades are also from Primark in the menswear section for £3.00!

Red “Miami” one piece swimsuit

Primark red “Miami” slogan swimsuit – Size UK 18 – £4.00 current price

So here I am doing my best baywatch babe run along the beach in Miami last week! This one piece was an absolute bargain at £4.00, great for holiday, swimming or a spa day, really nice vibrant red and perfect if you’re not quite ready for a bikini just yet…….take baby steps, start with wearing brighter colours to start off if you’re not feeling confident enough to wear the two piece YET!!!


Pink “Lost in Paradise” Bikini

Primark pink bikini – Top and bottom size UK 16 – £1.00 each – current sale price

This bikini “Lost in Paradise” is in hot pink and really is comfy, I would advise going up one size on the bottom if you are bottom heavy like me, plus you don’t want to be spilling out over the edges because that’s never a good look! For the top I usually go a size smaller because you don’t want a baggy bikini around the boobie area, you want as much support as possible.


Black “Surf Vibes” bikini

Primark black bikini – Top and bottom size UK 16 – £6.00 each – current price

I generally try to stay away from black swimwear as “plus-size” ladies are usually expected to be in a black frumpy one piece but this bikini is an exception as the slogan just makes me smile, I do love clothes with a good happy slogan which you’ve proabably already worked out by now.

With this style of top if you have a small bust, you’re laughing as it will look amazing and you won’t need to wear any additional support, if like me, you are a bra size 40D or bigger, you will definitely need to introduce a bra underneath, now please don’t just wear a regular black bra because you want it to look like its all part of the bikini, go for something with a thinner strap, I teamed mine with a lovely non-wired bralette from Primark, as you can see in the pics, I think it works really well and they also have other bralettes in other colours.


Black bralette for support with bikini

Primark black mesh embroided bralette –  Size XL – £8.00 each – current sale price


This is the lovely bralette I am wearing underneath the “surf vibes” bikini, its so comfy and really looks pretty, unfortunately XL is the largest size it goes up to. I would advise washing by hand and the seam is already coming away after just one wash.



Blue Bikni

Primark blue bikini – Top and bottom size UK 16 – £3.00 each – current sale price

This bikini is also lovely but a bit less coverage on the bottom that I would like, again, get your right size and make sure you’ve had a good bikini wax of course lol!


I bought all the swimwear featured in this blog this month (July 2017) which are still currently on sale in store (Croydon and Bromley store is where I bought mine) as of 20th July 2017. It’s a great time to buy as much of the swimwear has now been reduced – see a few pics below of more swimwear I saw today, all reduced to £1 per piece.



FINAL NOTE: Be prepared to be stared at on the beach/pool or whever you are, society unfortunately makes us feel like if were bigger than a size UK 12 we can’t wear nice bold bright swimwear……..errrr yes you can……..they are staring cos you look HOT baby, and if anyone does say anything negative, try not to let it get to you, I know its easier than done but I found it so liberating wearing a 2 piece and being plus size………just SLAYYYYY ladies! xxxx


OTHER SHOPS I LOVE FOR SWIMWEAR: Tesco, Next, Asda and Sainsburys.

January Sales – Part 2 – Primarni Jackets

I am SOOOO in love with these jackets, I mean seriously guys, do you see the EPICNESS???

So I haven’t actually worn the sparkly sequin bad boys out yet, I feel so great wearing them but then I start to second guess myself and think, is it too over the top???

I’m slowly learning to just go with my gut, stop second guessing myself and simply SLAY…..if it makes me feel good, who else cares right!

They only had one black sequin jacket left in size UK 20 so you may have to get down and dirty on your hands and knees (like I did) but it’s soooooo necessary! All the jackets are true to size in my opinion, pockets at the front, fully lined and feel like really good quality.

The green sequin jacket was £25.00 full price, the black sequin jacket was just £5 in the sales and the khaki green long bomber was reduced to £10, all items were purchased from Primark in the Croydon branch. The turquoise/purple one was a Christmas pressie from my lovely sister but the black one was only bought last week (9th Jan 2017) for £5 in the sale, yes, just a Lady Godiva, gotta love that. The khaki green was just a tenner and I’ve worn it so much, its really warm and padded.

I can’t wait to wear these  beautiful sequin beauties, they will glam up any outfit and you really don’t have to wait for a night out to wear them, its taken me a long time to just do me and be bold but I’m slowly getting there.

I also purchased this lovely Khaki green long bomber jacket, its so good for everyday wear and you can literally run out the house with the crappiest top and leggings, chuck this on and look amazing – if one needed to do the school run in a nightie, nobody need ever know cos its so long – of course I would never do such a thing!!! Lol!!!

The jeans are from Next and the boots are from Clarks in the top 4 pics, in the last 2 pics, my boots are from UGG.

My top tip is, if it makes you feel good just work it and don’t let the haters/bullies get in your head, there will always be someone who has something negative to say, do YOU and be FABULOUS DARLING!!!

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