Zumba Instructor Course UK – Scared I’ll be the only fatty!!!

I can’t believe it, on Saturday 28th January 2017,  I was officially certified as a “Zumba Instructor”, whoop, whoop!!!

Zumba Training Instructor Caroline Parsons
Me after Teaching a 1 hour Zumba Class in August 2017

It’s taken me until now (August) to  publish this post! I can’t believe I was actually feeling embarrassed to even post this blog, because self-doubt was right there telling me I’m not good enough, I’m too overweight, how can I possibly teach, I’m not super-fit like all those other fitness instructors etc, but for some reason I still signed up and paid £260 hard cash to complete the one day course!

To be honest, I’ve been dancing my whole life, I truly love to dance and would love to help others on their journey whatever the reason they want to dance, I couldn’t afford the £800 odd quid it costs to do the Exercise to Music Course, so I figured I would do this as a stepping stone, at least I am still be going in the right direction (I still plan to do my ETM before the end of this year). My favourite style of dance is definitely “street dance”  and dancehall but I love lots of other dance styles including ZUMBA.

On training day, I didn’t feel all that nervous about walking into the room but I did do a quick scan for anyone else who may be my size or bigger, there was only one other lady who looked about a size 18, so yes I was officially the biggest person in the room, everyone else was on average size uk 8 to uk 12! I expected this really and told my self over and over how amazing I was as a person and that I had been blessed as a natural dancer so I had nothing to worry about.

The day started with a full 1 hour Zumba class which was really fun, I was knackered but I kept up and got all the moves, there were people in that room with 2 left feet and I slowly realised I was spending far too much time focusing on how I looked and comparing myself to others rather than just doing me!

After the class, the Zumba instructor broke down all the basic moves of Zumba and how we could build routines, we then sat down in a classroom style scenario and worked through the Zumba manual focusing on the practical elements of the course, followed by more dancing, how to actually teach a class, some partnering work followed by Q&A at the end.

I feel really proud of myself for doing the course, it took me a good year so be confident enough just to sign up, then I spent 2-3 months working on building all the routines to teach a full hour class….LORD THIS WAS NOT AN EASY TASK!!!! Thankfully, I know quite a few dancers and people in the fitness industry so over the course of 2-3 months I began teaching a few routines at friends classes to build more confidence aswell as my stamina cos it’s not easy teaching – its exhausting but I love it!

In March an opportunity came up for me to take over a local Zumba class and I was absolutely petrified to say yes, self doubt kept saying NOOOOOOO Sam, there is no was you can do it but I just said yes anyway! I thought I was gonna pass out at my first class because I was so scared and I still get nervous now, 5 months later, I’m still teaching every Monday and I absolutely love it!

If you are thinking about teaching or doing the Zumba course, I’d say just go for it, feel the fear and do it anyway, things are never as terrifying as we think in our minds!

I will upload regular videos clips on my Instagram and my Youtube channel: Samantha Sweetpea so please follow me and subscribe.xx


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